Stuart (Stu) Kogge, PWS

Sr. Wetland/Aquatic Biologist

Prompt, Dependable, Scientific


  • M.S., Fisheries/Aquatic Biology, Limnology, Michigan State University
  • B.S., Fisheries and Wildlife Management, Michigan State University

Training and Certifications

  • Professional Wetland Scientist
  • Storm Water Management Operator
  • Soil Erosion and Sedimentation Control (Comprehensive)
  • OSHA
Stuart (Stu) Kogge
Providing clients and regulatory agencies with the facts, candid responses, and a feeling that we’re being fully transparent with our findings and data, makes working through permitting or conflict resolution processes much easier and more productive.

I evolved into the on-site manager for JFNew (now Cardno) overseeing ecological and restoration efforts associated with an oil spill on Kalamazoo River from 2010-2011 – putting in upwards of 100 hours a week and practically living down in Marshall Michigan for over 6 months. Every morning was like “Hill Street Blues” with everyone getting their assignments from a big white board that was gridded out with tasks, locations, and meetings throughout the day.

My current ‘claim to fame’ is helping a client develop and obtain approval from the USEPA a Biota Investigation Work Plan for work within the Straits of Mackinac (Line 5). I help our Oil & Gas clients by continuing to provide technical support, regulatory guidance and being immediately available/responsive to the inquiries/needs of our clients. I also provide technical support to GEI colleagues in the field and in the office.

My most rewarding Oil & Gas project was working on Line 6B in Marshall, Michigan – despite the long hours and long string of work days – because what we were doing was having a direct impact on the restoration and protection of wetland and aquatic resources while also best serving the needs of our client. My clients have said that I “work with a lot of passion” and they have “never seen someone so excited about their job.”

Professional Organizations

Society of Wetland Scientists

American Fisheries Society

Michigan Wetlands Association

Fun Fact

I enjoy building and remodeling. I built nearly all aspects of our house in Cadillac, Michigan; have built 3 dry saunas; and have remodeled over 10 bathrooms in my lifetime.