We are strategic thinkers who bring novel solutions to your complex and time sensitive oil and gas projects.

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Your Goals Are Our Goals

Whether it’s reducing your cost reserves by closing a site or getting your project permitted, designed and built; our incentives are aligned with yours. We are strategic thinkers who bring novel science engineering and technology (SET) solutions to your complex and time-sensitive oil & gas projects.

Since GEI’s inception in 1970, we’ve provided a wide range of consulting and engineering services to national integrated Oil & Gas firms, national sector-specific Oil & Gas firms, pipeline firms and some of the nation’s largest energy utilities.

Our services are applicable across upstream, midstream, and downstream sectors. We work at refineries, pipelines, gas plants, pump stations, compressor stations, storage tanks, wellfields, terminals, berths, ports, access roads, railroads and more.

We have continually expanded our capabilities to work with our Oil & Gas clients on solutions to meet the evolving technical and regulatory requirements associated with planning, siting, constructing, operating, upgrading, decommissioning, restoring, and monitoring of projects.

We are a mid-sized, internally-owned firm specializing in environmental, geotechnical, civil, and water resources consulting and engineering. We support safe, strong, and vibrant communities and partner with our clients to help protect and improve our nation’s people, property, infrastructure, and environment.

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Automated Data Analytics – DIVR

Is your data inaccessible or overwhelming? We can manage and analyze your data to create insights and unlock hidden value.

Environmental Liability Management

We can help you get liabilities off your books through better science engineering and technology coupled with strategic approaches to manage risks and reduce reserves.

Capital and Linear Support Services

For your linear projects, our integrated delivery gets results every step of the way, from siting and permitting through design and construction.

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