Are you:

  • Drowning in data?
  • Held hostage to companies that charge you every time you want your own data?
  • Mired in archaic data management procedures and tools?
  • Losing out on the significant cost savings of automated cloud-based mapping, analytics, and reporting?

DIVR® can:

  • Create insights and unlock hidden value
  • Maximize the value of your costly data
  • Reduce your dependence and/or costs for consultants
  • Automate routine and sophisticated data analytics for you and your consultants
  • Standardize reporting and mapping
  • Achieve substantial cost savings



GEI hosts, manages access to, and automates analysis, mapping and reporting of data for multiple refinery scale Oil & Gas facilities.

Our nationwide team of experts in enterprise data management systems developed the robust cloud-based DIVR® system, incorporating GEI’s leading edge science engineering and technology.

DIVR® provides
  • An exploratory data analysis user-friendly environment
  • A GIS-based interface to visualize, explore and drill down into your data
  • Automated reporting using standardized formats to reduce reporting costs
  • Multiple data export methods to ensure you always have access to your data
  • Automated Unique and Sophisticated leading edge Conceptual Site Model and Remediation Management Analytics
  • Instant access to stored reports, correspondence and legal documents
  • Robust Oil & Gas data for environmental remediation
  • Easily shared and searchable information



The DIVR® data warehouse will aggregate and join data extracts and exports from many environmental data management systems,  spatiotemporal data from a GIS, field survey data, land ownership (cadastral) information, building information model (BIM) data, streaming data from sensors, 3D design data, aerial imagery, and documents.

DIVR® then makes this data available via web modules: GIS, Document Management, Analytics, and Custom Reports.

Why DIVR®?

Creation of one, organized & central location and “point of truth” for many different data types.

Risk Management

Reduced environmental and financial risk through more rigorous QA/QC and data validation processes.


Maximized ability to analyze trends and forecast data results, resulting in better decision making.


Increased productivity for both routine and complex data analyses.

Cost Savings

Decreased time and money spent on managing data.


Development of innovative solutions that create value.



GEI’s automated remediation management systems combined with our robust remediation optimization capabilities reduced one refinery’s projected time to completion from 30 years to 3 years, for an order of magnitude reduction in time frame and costs.

Data Analytics Automation has proven to be such a distinct value to our core clients that it is currently being adapted for use at other client organizations.

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I worked with GEI on a challenging, multi-party remediation project. GEI’s can-do attitude and expertise makes them a value to any project.

Gordon Terhune

Department of Natural Resources

GEI experts have brought tremendous value to our large, challenging multi-PRP project by developing the long-term strategy.

John A. Frankenthal


GEI has both field level practical skills and excellent technical knowledge. GEI is a team player whose abilities are recognized and respected.

Steve Mulkey

Valero Energy Corporation

Exceptional at mastering complex data, but can communicate the significance of that data to all members of a team.

Robert Miner