UGI Steelton Plant LNG Tank

Managing Natural Gas Supply


UGI Energy Services


Steelton, PA

Key Elements

  • Geotechnical exploration
  • Soil improvement design
  • NPDES permit support

GEI provided support for the construction of a 1,000,000-gallon Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) tank system at the UGI Steelton Plant.

The LNG tank is one of two recently constructed to better manage the natural gas supply in UGI’s service territory and support peak shaving in other East Coast service territories. The Steelton Plant is a former manufactured gas plant (MGP) facility that currently operates as a regulator station and peak shaving (with propane tanks) distribution center.

GEI conducted geotechnical exploration to support foundation design for the LNG system. Because the selected LNG footprint is located within a former MGP gas holder which had not been investigated or remediated, environmental investigations were also required to design and support and Interim Remedial Measure and assess worker health and safety. An anchor system was located at a depth of 15 feet and required significant excavations to remove 12 steel and concrete anchors. The LNG is 80 feet in diameter and 100 feet high. The support structures include a pipe rack, vaporizer building, electrical pad, compressor building, and a fire protection line.


By conducting the geotechnical and environmental investigations concurrently, GEI saved UGI time and money.


gallon LNG tank system


anchors removed


high LNG tank

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