PREDicT™ – Analysis Methodology for DNAPL

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GEI developed the patent-pending  PREDicTTM analysis methodology for Dense Non-aqueous Phase Liquid (DNAPL) (Modification to ASTM E2856 for LNAPL transmissivity testing). PREDicTTM  identifies the number, location, and size of DNAPL seams (mobile NAPL intervals) that are transmissive to DNAPL in a monitoring well. It quantifies the DNAPL transmissivity of each fracture and quantifies an aggregate DNAPL transmissivity value for the well.

PREDicT™ is a potential solution when:


  • DNAPL present in wells
  • The presence of DNAPL or DNAPL thickness is the only remaining risk-based driver for remediation
  • You need to quantify recoverability of DNAPL
  • You need to design a recovery approach for DNAPL
  • There is a large DNAPL thickness in wells but low DNAPL recovery rates
  • Previous DNAPL transmissivity tests are not consistent with recovery rates


GEI PREDicT Service Sheet

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