DIVR® – Data Interpretation Visualization & Reporting

Helping Clients Make Better Business Decisions


Multiple Refinery Scale Oil & Gas Facilities


Southern U.S.

Key Elements

Development of customizable property management database

Easily shared and searchable information

Accessible anywhere, anytime by any authorized user

In 2014, GEI began leveraging our expertise to develop a hosted cloud-based data analytics subscription service to provide advanced data storage and retrieval, automated analytics, document hosting, reporting and GIS capabilities to our clients.

The resulting DIVR® service provides cloud-based, securely-hosted access to client project information without requiring substantial upfront investment in hardware, software, or expertise by our clients.

This system – developed by our team of system architects, engineers, programmers, database administrators, GIS analysts and web designers – produces unique and sophisticated technical analytics for our client. To date, GEI is hosting and managing data for multiple refinery scale Oil & Gas facilities, and automating much of the routine consulting, document retention and reporting work, thereby providing substantial cost savings.

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