Groundwater Remediation at a Former BP Refinery

Saving Money through Proven Remedies


Atlantic Richfield Company


Greybull, Wyoming

Key Elements

Conceptual site model for LNAPL

Evaluation of site-wide and hot-spot remedial options

Negotiation of groundwater remedy with regulators

Long-term monitoring program

GEI personnel developed the groundwater remediation component of a multi-faceted remediation/site redevelopment project in Wyoming. The selected remedy for the site included: NAPL recovery (>100 acres), air sparging and vapor extraction (over 20 acres), groundwater extraction and treatment (up to 1,000 gpm), passive bioventing, and monitored natural attenuation (over 300 acres). The selected remedy, which was negotiated with the state under a voluntary corrective action consent order, cost $20 to $40 million less than alternatives originally proposed by the USEPA. Design and installation of the remediation systems were integrated with site development activities, which include an 18-hole golf course. Constituents of concern include benzene, 2-methylnathphalene, and arsenic.


Pilot/design studies have been performed supporting the evaluation and/or design of surfactant flushing, groundwater flushing, wind-enhanced passive bioventing, in situ volatilization coupled with aerobic biodegradation within the saturated zone, and sulfate reduction.


acres of monitored natural attenuation


million less expensive than alternatives


hole golf course was developed

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