ANSR Volume 10 | Issue 1 – A Weight-of-Evidence Approach to Characterize NAPL Body Upward Migration Potential in Sediments

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Michael J. Gefell, Anchor QEA, LLC

A weight of evidence approach can be used to interpret whether a NAPL body in sediment would be migrating upward or be stable under observed or reasonably anticipated field conditions.

When non-aqueous phase liquid (NAPL) is identified in subaqueous sediment, a NAPL emplacement and movement evaluation is typically warranted to assess whether the NAPL is immobile or mobile at the pore scale, and if it is mobile, if it is stable or migrating at the NAPL body scale. The evaluation process is discussed in ASTM E3248-20 and summarized in Reyenga 2021a. Figure 1 summarizes key decision points in the evaluation process. Sample collection and handling are discussed in ASTM 3268-20. A variety of metrics that can be used to evaluate potential NAPL movement in sediments is discussed in Reyenga 2021b, and specific testing and decision-making guidelines are provided in ASTM E3282-21a. Similar methods are also applicable for assessing NAPL migration potential in soil. Read more.

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