Tomlinson & Hawthorne to Present at Battelle’s Bioremediation Symposium

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Derek Tomlinson, P.E., P.Eng., BCEE, and Mike Hawthorne, P.G. will be active attendees at the Fourth International Symposium on Bioremediation and Sustainable Environmental Technologies Symposium held in Miami, Florida from May 22-25.

The Symposium, consisting of more than 500 platform and poster presentations, will present information on advances in bioremediation and the incorporation of green and sustainable remediation (GSR) practices in a series of technology-focused sessions.

Derek will be chairing Session B6: LNAPL Mobility, Transmissivity, and Recoverability, which will be held on May 24 from 11:20am to 1pm.

Mike is presenting a talk titled “You Get What You Measure: Emerging Concepts and Philosophies for the Quantification, Interpretation, and Application of LNAPL Transmissivity”, on May 24 from 11:45am to 12:10pm, and he is a co-author of a presentation titled “Era of the BioGeoPhysioChemoHydrogeologist Is Now: Integration of Disparate Lines of Evidence to Craft Robust LNAPL Conceptual Site Models in Support of LNAPL Remedies”, on May 24 from 11:20am to 11:45am.

In addition, Mike’s poster titled “Single-Day LNAPL Transmissivity Measurement through Improved Efficiency Baildown Testing” will be on display during the poster session on May 23 from 5:45pm to 7pm.

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